Doula Mentor/Shadowing Program

So you've completed your Doula training...Now what? Where do you go from here. How do you obtain clients? What is your target market? How much can you charge? Who are your back-ups?

I designed this program to help assist new and inexperienced Doulas who need support moving forward after their training. The program will help you obtain clients, gain experience, and help jump start your path in the birthing community. 

2 Hour Orientation:

  • Overview of program

    • Build your clientele

    • Knowing your audience

    • Networking

    • Creating your brand

  • Mentee expectations

  • Mentor expectations

  • Mentor Worksheet


2-4 Client Review:

  • Overview for each client that you will shadow


2-4 Prenatal appts per client:

  • Attendance at client prenatal appointments

  • Review of each appointment


2-4 Births:

  • Attendance during clients labor and birth


Follow up appointment after the birth:

  • Review of day of labor and birth


2-4 Postpartum appointment:

  • Attendance at 1 postpartum appointment

Orientation Dates:

Monday August 10th


Monday August 17th




$400 Total for non-contracted Doulas 

$300 Total for contracted Doulas 

$100 non-refundable deposit due when you sign your agreement. Remaining balance due 1 week prior to orientation.

*1 hour insurance billing workshop if you choose to participate in the Medicaid pilot program. Workshop to be held, immediately after orientation. If not the workshop will be held on a separate day.*

*Contracted Doula pay an annual fee of $250.*

To sign-up email us at:

*Option to sign as a contracted working Doula under Calming Nature Doula Center.*

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